Projects THTH is involved in.

One of the main tasks of THTH is to initiate and coordinate multilateral development projects that benefits THTH member companies and their interest groups. In addition to companies, research institutes and universities also standardization bodies often participate to these projects. Sometimes the THTH coordinated project can be just a branch of a larger, typically international effort. On the following there are a list oft the recent projects.

Be you a member of THTH or not, if you are interested in a project, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Arrowhead fPVN and THTH CoPVN project

    A new digitalisation project Arrowhead fPVN involving 43 partners in 12 countries will revolutionise the industrial efficiency in Europe by automated communication in the entire production network. THTH is participating to this project through its own CoPVN project.

  • Technical Information Exchange in Digital Business Ecosystem

    The new development project initiative for technical information exchange (TIE) in investment projects and in O&M finally started in November. TIE project is starting to resolve the technical information exchange challenges together with international standardization organizations and companies. The emerging digital business infrastructure for process industry ecosystems will benefit all companies by improving dependability, reducing risks and by cutting transactional costs as well as digitalization implementation cost.

  • Engineering Rulez

    Project is led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and Aalto University.

  • Interoperability Development Chain

    THTH is involved in the development towards improved safety, quality, maintainebility, operability and efficiency as wel as lower investment costs in process industry.

  • Plant Information Gateway

    Project is a group of development projects coordinated and followed by THTH.